Serbian Street Gems

I mentioned to you previously– more like ages ago- that for some reason Serbians enjoy  scribbling all over the city. And really, wherever you go around the city you’ll find stuff like this. It’s not only on walls, you can see train carts covered with amazing graffiti as well.  The city is just covered in spray paint -some are really pretty and eye catching while others are just vandalism. So here’s a bunch of pictures I’ve taken in the time that I have been in Belgrade. I spent a bit of time collecting these, and some of these pictures I find very pretty, but there is a lot more to look at and admire, and I simply couldn’t . Hope you enjoy the gallery! DSC_26521

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My Return Flight!


Ciaoo! Hello! Hi!! Where have I been right!? Well I was too busy enjoying my time and making the best of it I couldn’t keep up with posting! But I am back to Lebanon, as I said earlier and back to posting!



After locking the apartment door for the last time!








So I did so much in the entire trip and especially in the few weeks that I missed my posting deadlines, but the only topic I could come up with as a come back post, is another Air Serbia review! (you can check the first one here!)Hopefully, this post will help me organize my thoughts, and post something about my time in Belgrade, but until then, this has to do.

I previously mentioned that I didn’t have such a pleasent experience with Air Serbia on my flight from Beirut to Belgrade; however, on the way back it was very different.

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The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.  ~St. Augustine

As my blog count down states,  I am officially 16 days(from when this got posted) away from boarding that plane headed for my adventure! It’s hard to count down and realize there’s just so much time left for me to travel when my friends have already begun their own journeys, right? So, I’m investing my time into researching every single thing I want to do in Serbia, and particularly Belgrade!

I’m beginning to have cold feet and butterflies. I’ve also begun to doubt my decision and worry about silly things like what if a dorm-mate of mine turned out to be a serial killer? or what if I made the biggest mistake of my life. Maybe I sound crazy to some of you, but I guess it’s justified jitters. I can’t deny that I’m very excited to travel so I’m trying to block myself from over thinking the worries and the troubles that I’m going to face. Because I’m gonna have a good ol’ time in the lovely Serbia! I can’t deny that I’m really excited about the shopping experience. In Belgrade there’s a famous flee market and a bunch of traditional shopping areas that I’m keen to try – apart from the global retailers we see in Lebanon.

For my lovely readers that don’t know, I’m going with IAESTE (International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience) to Belgrade, Serbia. It’s supposed to be a great cultural and personal experience. I’ve never been part of anything like this before and I’ve never been out of the country by myself, so these two months are going to be the time of my life. Besides, this will count as my internship and as a milestone in completing my engineering degree.

Thanks for hanging in there as I shared my feelings! If you have any interesting places for me to visit, or any activities I should do, while I’m on my trip, please share them in the comments below; and if you’re interested in finding out a few of the places I’m so excited to visit check out Must See Belgradian Landmarks here!

Until next time … Zbogom!