My Return Flight!


Ciaoo! Hello! Hi!! Where have I been right!? Well I was too busy enjoying my time and making the best of it I couldn’t keep up with posting! But I am back to Lebanon, as I said earlier and back to posting!



After locking the apartment door for the last time!








So I did so much in the entire trip and especially in the few weeks that I missed my posting deadlines, but the only topic I could come up with as a come back post, is another Air Serbia review! (you can check the first one here!)Hopefully, this post will help me organize my thoughts, and post something about my time in Belgrade, but until then, this has to do.

I previously mentioned that I didn’t have such a pleasent experience with Air Serbia on my flight from Beirut to Belgrade; however, on the way back it was very different.

I arrived to the airport (Aerodrom as the Serbs say) with so many worries running through my head! First of all I had, for sure, exceeded my allowed weight – I exceeded my allowed weight despite the fact that I asked a friend to take a few things for me with her! I was also worried because I missed the bus I wanted to take and had to wait 30 mins for the next one to come around! And I wanted to get there early so I would be allowed to get away with any extra weight. So I take the bus, and then I realize that I was too worried waiting for the bus that I forgot to pick up some snacks ahead of time!

I sat on the last row and put my luggage in front of me. I wish I took a picture of how my luggage looked like, I had my large suite case, HUGE carry on, laptop bag, and HUGE handbag distributed in front of me – I had so many bags with me I don’t know how I carried them off the bus! And here I’d like to take the time to thank the guys that helped me get to the bus station *star moment*. I think of my luggage and laugh because I can only imagine what someone who saw me would think – crazy chick had to move her entire closet!

So enough with the luggage. I get to the airport, head straight to the counter, and when I told the guy at the check-in counter I was going to Beirut it was like he saw a ghost. He asked two of his colleagues and then called his supervisor, and of course all of this was in Serbian so I couldn’t understand what was going on. I was worried that I was too late to check-in and all I could think about was having to go back with all that luggage!!! And I was praying they would let me leave it in the airport 😀 Anyways, I asked the employee what’s wrong, and he tells me the plane is full. First thought that comes to mind: OH NO I really won’t get on this plane! But then he tells me there’s only a spot in Service and in Business. So then I thought: wooohooooo! Business = extra weight allowance 😀

Turns out I was right, I was bumped up to business class and got extra allowance. And I didn’t have to take my carry on with me – I sent it off with the luggage!

So with the weight problem moved off my shoulders, I could peacefully look for something to eat. I wandered into the duty free area, which the Serbs call dufree, I found a bunch of cafes but thought NAA I want to look at the dufree first! I went to look around and came across the business class lounge, and guess who was business class? Yes me! So I walked in there with full confidence, to be stopped by the attendant at the door. In her turn she asked me if I had an invitation. Again, with full confidence, I replied, no I didn’t take it. She checked my ticket and let me through. And there was my food, calling my name!

In the airplane, it was all good. I was barely awake to enjoy much of what they have to offer. I did watch a couple of HIMYM episodes on the Ipads they offer you in business. But offer than that, I kept snoozing off.

Maybe the only thing I didn’t like about the plane was that it took me away from Belgrade. But other than that, I gotta cut them some slack for being very polite and hospitable. I would also like to mention that I didn’t suffer more than a 15 minute delay (which I didn’t feel while I sipped hot chocolate in the lounge 😛 ) But still, I don’t understand how they gave my seat to someone else – I know I was late, but I care 1 hr 30 mins ahead of time (maybe a bit less 😛 )

Oh Beograd … I miss you!


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