The One That Marks Half-Way

So hello there everyone 🙂 You can tell from the title that week 4 is over! I am half way through my stay in the lovely Belgrade. I really have  mixed emotions about whether I want to go back right NOW or whether what I have left is so little! But hey, all good things come to an end. And I would be really happy to get back to everyone back home, especially my own bed ❤ SAM_1619

So, how was my week, 4you may ask. Very good, very good indeed! Probably my best week so far.





It started on Monday the 14th of July with an amazing concert for Hugh Laurie and the Copper Bottom Band. It was just fantastic! Hugh was very funny, always cracking jokes, and very active on stage, he was spectacular; and the band was superb, lively and very well skilled. Everything went so well together. A truly memorable night.



Earlier that Monday, a friend and I went to get some groceries, and we were surprised with a sit in for Palestine at Republic Square. DSC_1894We got there at the early stage, so there wasn’t a lot of people yet, but I was so proud to see such a peaceful sit in and that there were Arabs, as well as non-Arabs, supporting this noble cause. DSC_1892

For the second day of our week, we went to the Belgrade railway station because there was a small festival celebrating 130 years for the railway system. SAM_1625A few of us couldn’t stay for the entire show because we were invited to an iftar.
However, we attended a couple of acts, one of which was two girls dancing or I don’t know what with ropes and chairs. Later that day we went to an iftar at a Lebanese restaurant, where we were invited, I was too busy to take pictures of everything, I only took a picture of this piece of art. SAM_1633 It is a fruit salad – probably one of the best I have ever had. It had ingredients I never had in a fruit salad before, like raisins, honey and nuts. But the whole meal was so good and just gave us a nice homie feel and made us really really happy ❤


After the lovely dinner we went to a wonderful cafe, I think it was called Mask. SAM_1673The cafe is located in what seems to be a cottage and has lovely in-house decorations and an amazing backyard. I ordered a plazma shake, which was horrible and tasted like baby food – I couldn’t even finish it. But apart from that it was a nice evening.







At Mask Cafe


The next day I went shopping! I bought the presents I said I had an eye on before, plus I bought myself a Belgrade mug so I can enjoy a cup of coffee, whenever I want, in my own mug 😀 I took that day off from work so I also went to Princess Ljubica’s residence in Belgrade. I have walked by the residence a few times but never had the chance to go inside. When I walked into the residence I really enjoyed seeing the Ottoman style of furniture and as you progress in the rooms you can see the furniture becoming more modern. So the rooms are furnished in a chronological order. Check out the slideshow below for pictures at the residence!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I went alone that day, because it wasn’t planed, so all the pictures of me were either selfies or using a self-timer. But I must admit I had a good time alone, with no crowd, and not having to wait for anyone, and just doing what I wanted to do. Sadly, the second I walked out of the place, SAM_1749it started raining. And I didn’t have an umbrella. I got stuck under the strongest storm I have seen in Belgrade so far. It even started to hail it was unbelievable.





The day after that was Thursday. On Thursday IAESTE organized a boat ride for us. It toured us through both the Sava and Dunav (as pronounced by locals) rivers. SAM_1783It was a really fun ride because it gives you a perspective of the city that you can’t see except if you are in the river, so that was fun. Also that day I finally tried this ice cream that has been on bulletin boards all over the city. It is pretty good and comes in a box as opposed to a normal plastic wrapper like other ice creams, so I guess it is a little bit fancy.


Barely managed to get half the people into one picture

Friday was a fun day. Apart from work and hanging out at the mall, of course, we had cultural night with IAESTE. The plan was to start at 8pm, every country has a spot to set up whatever they way and everyone gets together and we exchange cultures. However, my friend and I went to pick up the food we were presenting, and got lost, and ended up taking an hour to get there. We got there and set up our spot and put our flags and food – I also forgot to take a picture.  But everyone absolutely loved our food! It was so satisfying to see everyone happy and enjoying it. We also did the dabke – not only was it fun to share with the others it was also fun to bond with the other Lebanese people. All in all, it was an unforgettable night.

The next day was Saturday! We took some of the Novi Sadders, who came from Novi Sad (DUH) for the cultural night, for a tour around Belgrade. SAM_1829We went to Nikola Tesla museum, which was really good, and highly recommended to everyone because you can see Tesla’s inventions and have them demonstrated in front of you. After that we walked down Knez Mihailova and ended up in Kalemegdan, where we watched the sunset and then ate.

Finally Sunday, was so laid back. We slept in, then met with the others for breakfast/lunch and had a good time. After that I did some grocery shopping and kicked back in the apartment and wrote this post for you guys ❤ Then later in the evening we hung out in Kalemegdan, with some chit chat and good memories. And no pictures were taken that day XD

So my fourth week is over and this means I crossed the half way mark! Its been a bit hard so far, but being half way through makes it a lot easier. I am really proud of myself for going this far and managing to do everything. And I think this post probably has the most pictures on any post before so await a post so very soon of a few videos from the past week. Share your thoughts on everything so far … Ciaoo ❤


2 thoughts on “The One That Marks Half-Way

  1. Noor says:

    It is a good thing I didn’t read this post during Ramadan or I would have killed you 😛 yalla come back to Lebanon wlo :/ I miss you.. although I am glad you are having fun w hal osas bas shta2tellikkk 😦 ❤
    P.S: next time if you were going alone to the Princess castle 3melile mc w betle2ine 3ndik 😛


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