Honeymoon suite hookers.

Poor guy šŸ˜€

Storytime with John

30th June 2014

So bit of a weird one. Iā€™ll post this when I get an internet connection ā€“ but I am currently writing this from a hotel in Qingdao, China. Where is this place? I literally have no idea. I would Google it of courseā€¦but yeahā€¦no internet connection. The reason I am here is that I have a FOURTEEN HOUR layover. FOURTEEN HOURS! Yeah, I didnā€™t book the flight ā€“ but thatā€™s another story altogetherā€¦as you can probably work out, I am a little flustered at the moment!

Anyway, the flight from South Korea to China was actually pretty painlessā€¦well apart from the old man next to me who had the perfect three ā€“ bad breath, gas, and a fetish for belchingā€¦like honestly, there are well established rules when it comes to airplane travel, and emitting horrendously obnoxious odors from one orifice or the other, is definitely against theā€¦

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