3 Is A Charm!

So week 3 is FINITO, my post is a little bit late, but what can I do I’m a working lady ! And I don’t know if I should call this week a charm because Germany won the World Cup *sigh* but besides that it was a calm week. 🙂SAM_1496


Every time I write one of these posts I beat myself up for not taking note of what I did in the past week, I really don’t remember very well, but I try my best! I spent half the week planning on going to Zemun, but I didn’t. I will, hopefully, go this week – no excuses.

I had this amazing desert at Aurelio Cafe on Republic Square. It was an amazing chocolate tart with two scoops of ice cream. Unforgettable. The picture doesn’t do it justice, but you can always take my word for it. The cafe itself has been our home for watching World Cup games, it’s right across the street from us and it’s a nice place. It maybe is a regular cafe – but I like it and the staff is really nice.

We also had another big gathering at Kalemegdan, however, I went to Kalemegdan a few days ago as well, the weather was a bit rainy, but the view was AMAZING with cloudy sky and the color of the trees and grass just popping out. Sadly, I was out of battery and couldn’t take pictures, but take my word for it.

Biggest highlight of my week was going to Novi Sad on Saturday, for Exit. It was really a great experience. Sadly I didn’t do any shopping there, besides a pair of earrings, so I’m planning another visit very soon! As for Exit, it was great. The line up for Saturday was pretty good, there was Two Cielos, Skrillex, Afrojack and many many more. We also had a good time at the Latin stage.SAM_1555SAM_1526 And sadly, we wanted to check out the silent disco but it wasn’t ready. As a whole, it was an experience that I will always remember and just a nice night. Here’s a little video of the beginning of 2 Cellos, I didn’t get really good video footage when things got interesting, or of any other performances, cause I was busy enjoying the moment 😛


I also did a tiny bit of shopping in Belgrade, but I have my eye on so much more. Plus, I started to form a long list of gifts ideas! Especially from this local exhibit nearby. It is an exhibit for handmade accessories, clothing, and other traditional stuff, as well as some antiques.  IMG_20140714_103422I bought myself a blue bracelet, it has two shades of blue and little fishes. And I LOVE it! Can’t explain how much I love it, but I truly do. And the bright side is that almost everything at the exhibit is inexpensive, so yay!

And I know that no post of mine is complete without food but I lost the picture I took of my favorite dish of the week 😦 but it was from Dukat, the Turkish restaurant. It is chicken with veggies topped with an amazing gravy and cheese – just yum 🙂 I also had a very nice chicken shawerma at a new Lebanese place, and I really liked it, but not everyone who ate at this place liked what they got, DSC_1875so I guess it’s you and your luck. However, I tried this great white tea, I don’t know if it is any different from iced tea but it is sooooo good! I wish there were more flavors though. I don’t know if they produce other flavors or not, but the supermarket nearby only offers one flavor.

Besides all that, work is going well, pretty laid back, lots of cake parties, and I haven’t been able to have a single bite yet 😦


That was my third week for you, pretty laid back and not much … week 4 is going to be more sparkly so stay tuned … Ciao ❤


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