Interning at EP Entel

Hello my lovely readers! As you know from before, I started my internship, but I didn’t mention that I am interning at EnergoProjekt Entel. Entel is a part of Energoprojekt (EP), which in turn, is a holding, I think. I have no idea about number of employees and stuff like that for EP, but I know that Entel has 153 employees in the head office (where I am 😀 ) with 70% of them being engineers, and approx. 300 in their offices in the gulf. I was really impressed by the company when I first saw it and I’m so happy to have this opportunity. And honestly, I enjoy coming to work – who knew that would happen 😛  

Everyone is so friendly here, it is insane. I’ve been welcomed really well and I even got a little goodie bag with a lovely pen, agenda, notebook, and company catalog as a welcoming gift, but I haven’t used them yet.

The structure of the building complex is hard to take in at first. I know how to get to my workstation quite fine, but I don’t comprehend the rest of the company structure very well. The building is not only for Entel, it is for Energoprojekt holding and it is divided into blocks A,B,C and D – and even the blocks are not distributed traditionally. The architecture of the company complex is kind of like two big rectangles stuck to each other. So you will have offices all around and hollow passages, stairs, and bridges, in the middle, to cross from one “rectangle” to the other. There are also two terraces for people to take short breaks and probably have a cigarette or just some fresh air. The featured image of this post is the terrace where we take our breaks.

In addition to the structure of the company, they have an energy generation system on the roof. They use solar power and convert it to electrical energy. The catch is, they don’t use the energy they produce – they sell it, and buy their own electricity. I heard that it is cheaper for them this way, I don’t know, I liked the view from the roof so who cares. I didn’t take pictures though. And regarding the location, it is quite far, compared to my flat mates’ work locations, but it really isn’t far for me- It takes 15 minutes in the bus, tops. And what I love about the location is that the largest shopping mall in Belgrade is on my way. So far, I’ve been to it 3 times. I don’t always buy stuff, but I just go to spend some time until its time for iftar.

Apart from the architecture, the company itself has great employee protocols, and based on one of my colleagues this is not the standard in all Serbian companies. So first of all, you are allowed to come in any time between 7:30 and 8:30 am and do your daily hours accordingly. This is a great system. Luckily, I can come in a bit later than that, but I have been coming early so far.

DSC_1844The company has also distributed hand creams in the bathroom for you to use after washing your hands. I still haven’t tried any but I think I should. And I don’t know what it’s like in the men’s room, and what kind of beauty product they have, but I am pretty sure they are taken care of somehow. Probably the funniest thing here is that certain men in another department, I think the industry department, have hung up a bunch of semi-nude photos of women and models, in their office. No one knows why they’ve done it, but I guess it’s just cause they can.

Another custom at this company is to have a breakfast break instead of a lunch break. So you go down to the company canteen and have your breakfast at around 10 am. The catch is that they serve lunch meals for breakfast, which doesn’t make any sense to me, because they might as well give a lunch break instead, and serve lunch then. But this makes sense to them and it has been going on for a long time, so I guess they are happy this way.

The company also has coffee rounds, and when i found out I was so happy. There are two rounds, an 8 am round, where you can choose coffee or tea, and then another round at 11 am for coffee. DSC_1824You don’t get a coffee break, the coffee comes to you, at your station and you have it as you work. I think that is just superb, isn’t  it? They also drink Turkish coffee here as the traditional coffee, however, they serve it in a large cup as opposed to the small cups we use back in Lebanon. It also is a bit different, I don’t know what they do to it but it has a special character to it.

Probably what I am loving the most is the celebrations! Whenever someone at the company completes a project, or accomplishes something, they celebrate with delicious cake and beverages and Serbian jokes, but I always manage to have someone translate for me without even asking, so that’s nice.

My only negative comment about this company is that I have to take a guest pass everyday in order to get into the company – I hand in my ID in the morning, get a guest pass for the revolving doors and a paper for my supervisor to sign, and then hand in the paper, signed of course, and guest pass on my way out. However, recently, I have been allowed to go in without the need to have a paper signed, so that’s good. And FYI, guest in Serbian is gost – like Casper.DSC_1847

So this is a bit over three weeks of experience with Ep Entel gathered in one post. Hopefully I am going to have even better moments to come and to share. Ciao ❤



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