Week 2 Is Off the Countdown!

Hello my peeps! How’s it goin’? As the title says week 2 is over! Time is just flying by, it is unbelievable – I have to keep saying that, ’cause it is unbeliveable. It has been a good week for me, packed with good moments. First of all, Ramadan started this past weekend, and it has been quite the adventure, so Ramadan kareem. And I’m not the only one of my flatmates fasting so that makes it easier on me.

We had lots of funny moments with iftars, a few were at home, for others we went to the Turkish restaurant and the Lebanese restaurant nearby, and for one in particular, we went to the mosque – it was something I have never experienced in my life, but I am happy to have done it.  These are pictures of some of the yummy moments we had, not the messy ones.


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We also went to Skadarlija several times. It is this lovely Bohemian quarter just a few step away from our flat. It isn’t very big, but very rustic and authentic and everyone there is having a good time. SAM_1356It’s full of cafes and restaurants and some of the cafes have a fun Serbian band that only surrounds one table at a time and people dance, while other cafes are quiet and laid back.

P.S. The Serbs dance like shit! I don’t know what’s with them – they stay in one place and make a huge effort to move, as if they are struggling, and its mainly bouncy gestures, it is like they are constipated or something. I don’t know how to explain it any better, but it doesn’t look fun at all.

Apart from their dancing, I can’t but mention the weird mosquitoes over here. Their mosquitoes are lethal. I spent two weeks here, but didn’t get attacked by any mosquitoes until a few days ago. What’s weird about them is they don’t go for direct skin, they go for areas where you have clothing on, but still get to you so well. They are so strong and painful, it is just indescribable. And luckily I’m not the one in our flat suffering from mosquito bites – others have got it real’ bad. Back in Lebanon, mosquitoes are noisy, you can hear them zipping by and you can get rid of them, but over here, they are so brisk and swift that they get their way no matter what.

Work was pretty laid back the past week, I just had a few tasks to do, so hopefully this week they will be more. A purely work related post is coming your way very soon, so I  won’t spoil that now.

Our weekend was jam-packed as well. Friday, a few of us went to the mall to hangout, then we watched the football games – and I can’t tell you how much i don’t want the Germans winning the World cup! We slept in late on Saturday and Sunday. On Saturday, our initial plan to Topola mountain got drastically alteredIMG-20140707-WA0009 to going to Delta City Mall and watching The Fault in Our Stars. Pretty much everyone enjoyed it – but it was too emotional for a bunch of people who are living away from their families and feeling very homesick, but we survived. Then we had our iftar, which I forgot to capture 😦 but I had a DELICIOUS salmon burger and grilled calamari, and I have never tried either one of them before.




Then came Sunday! It was just an amazing day! We went to mount Avala, which is 30 min away from where we live, according to Google maps, but probably took us an hour because we had to change buses and wait for the next bus to come.

SAM_1377 In the end, it was worth it after all. The place kind of like a reserve, or park, at the top of a mountain. There are monuments for a bunch of things, lovely restaurants, souvenir kiosks, gorgeous picnic spots, and most importantly, the TOWER! We toured the place and then went up the tower. I don’t know how high it is or anything, but it was just a phenomenal view. You could see so much from up there, and everything you see is so beautiful – I loved it.


If you ask me, the low point of my week would be ruining my earphones. I know this sounds silly, but they aren’t just earphones to me, because I have had them for a couple of years now, so they’re like family 😦

My high point would be riding the swing in Avala park. Silly as well, I know. And there are so many great moments this past week to choose from, but I haven’t been on a swing for such a long time, I had forgotten what it is like. The thrill was amazing, and that’s why I elected it as a high point.SAM_1469


After writing this post I realized that I am actually having a really good time. It has been tough and overwhelming that I forgot the bright side of everything. Anyways, good bye for now! Await my next posts .. Ciao!



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