1 Down 7 To Go!

I have completed an entire week here! This post is a little bit late, but it really is hard to get posts up because we don’t have a proper desk at our place where we can sit and do stuff and not enough time to get all my thoughts together at once. But hey, it has been a week already and time has really flown by so fast that I didn’t even notice. So I wanted to sum up my week for you guys and share my major thoughts on it.

The high point of my week probably was going to work and finding out that it is such a great working environment. Everyone is very friendly and very motivating. And the atmosphere is professional and encouraging. The premises itself is very nice and huge, especially the exterior, which I absolutely love.

The low point of my week would most definitely be my first night. It was one of the hardest nights ever, i hadn’t slept for over 30 hours and when I came to sleep that night I couldn’t because the bar right beneath us was being so noisy and loud and it stayed up till around 5 am. I was so cranky and I started going crazy and I didn’t want to stay anymore and stuff like that. But I managed to get over it and things got better.

The other night I also got stung by a bee. I didn’t know what to expect because I have never been stung before, but it wasn’t so horrible – or I just expected worse. It hurt and felt like my finger is going to explode, but then it became alright. I still have a little tiny piece of the bee inside of me, hopefully I’ll be able to take it out soon. 😦PicsArt_1404116319247

One of the best dishes I had during the past week was at the food court in Delta City Shopping Center – I forgot the name of the restaurant, but I think it was the Fish Bar. I had this amazing salad made with shrimps, cucumber, sesame seeds and some kind of noodles and a lovely seasoning.
It was so fresh and delicious. Then the fish – a beautiful crispy grilled salmon filet, impeccably seasoned and just mouth watering. I also had some potato wedges but they are missing in the picture. All in all I really enjoyed the dish, it was a bit pricy for Belgrade, but back home you can easily pay double for that kind of dish.

SAM_1325I am also very happy for trying this amazing ice cream place. It has 16 flavors at a time, I’ve been there twice, and each time most of the flavors were changed. It also is a bit expensive, but truly worth every dinar you pay!

A few of my flat mates and I also went to the ballet; it was really great. The theater itself is such a piece of art. SAM_1317
It’s the type of theater where you sit vertically above each other, in boxes, and you look downwards to see the stage, and sadly I don’t think we have anything like that in Lebanon. And the show was interesting and very romantic.

My weekend wasn’t very eventful, after my dad left I wasn’t being crazy or even interesting. It has mainly been a few strolls down Knez Mihailova, savoring delicious meals, grocery shopping, watching FIFA matches and stuff like that. But hey, a new week has started so hopefully it would be even more interesting .. so we’ll see! Wait for the next episode 🙂


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