Observations of a lost kid!

Hello peeps! Today is my fifth day here and it is almost coming to an end. I’ve done so much in the past few days and met a bunch of great people that I can’t believe it has just  been such a short time. The first day alone was super packed and was so long to the extent that things started getting blurry and mixing up with each other. On the first day alone I did so many things. Some of the places I managed to visit in the past couple of days are: the Kalemegdan fortress, which is one of the top things I spoke about in my previous post, the Zoo, Knez Mihailo Blvd (several times), Usce shopping center, Delta shopping center, Tashmegdan, the depot, and of course my work, among many other places.

One thing I was so happy about was seeing the view that I used as my header image. It’s just amazing to pass by and realize that this is it! And in person it is just something else.

Usce Shopping Center

Usce Shopping Center

I also made a great number of conclusions about the Serbian people. First of all, for some reason, the Tram system is operated by grumpy middle-aged females, while the buses are operated by males. I’m not sure whether this is a law in public transportation or just a coincidence, but this is what I’ve seen so far.  Second, I realized that there is a huge dog population here. Almost everyone owns a dog, and some even own several dogs. Which doesn’t really matter to me I guess, but I think if the dogs unite, the Serbs will have a problem. I also noticed that the Serbs enjoy graffiti and a lot of people attempt this street art, but fail at it big time. I’m planning on sharing a bunch of pictures I collected around the city for graffiti soon, so stay tuned if you’re interested!

Studenski Park

Studenski Park

Serbian mothers also like to match their outfit with their children – boys or girls. It’s cute for the first few people, but then it becomes boring and lacks imagination. The last of my observations is that Serbians have a thing for their statues. They are all over the place – some are of men of great stance in Serbia, others represent messages like freedom and independence, but then, there’s those totally unexplainable modern or abstract statues of a twisted cow or a pregnant amputated and decapitated women. And I don’t think I will ever understand the purpose of such beings.

Moreover, a funny thing is going on between Serbian doors and I. I don’t know why, I have trouble opening them. The doors aren’t heavy or anything, and it’s not that I push a pull door, but I am just having trouble with Serbian doors. There’s also the issue with the currency. 1 euro is approximately 115 dinars. But I keep forgetting this and every time I want to buy a bottle of water for 50 dinars, I would think oh no that’s a lot and then remember that’s less than half a euro – and the world is a better place again. I am also fascinated that in the period of time I spent here, I only heard four car horns! Imagine! In Lebanon you can’t go one minute without hearing aggravated drivers honking their horns, but here, you can go an entire day.

Belgrade Zoo

Belgrade Zoo










Finally, the last thing I would like to tell you is that I started work! Hurray! It’s a great working environment and definitely I’ll talk more about it in the future when I collect enough funny incidents to complete a whole post. And don’t forget to comment and give suggestions about future posts and topics you’d like to read about



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