Air Serbia Review

Helloo guys! So as you know by now, I said my farewell to my lovely country, Lebanon, and landed in what seems to be a beautiful country – Serbia.

So I promised you before to let you know about my experience with Air Serbia. I really wasn’t expecting much because the fair was a bit cheap.

The first impression I got was how strict they are with luggage. You’re allowed 23 kg in cargo and 8kg carry- on. But if you have 2 bags that total to 23 kg, well your life would suck because you only get one piece of luggage and it should be under 23 kg. I think this policy is dumb. But it makes sense to the airline people somehow o_0
Next is the MAJOR impression I got – Air Serbia isn’t very keen on time and punctuality. First, our boarding gate gets changed all of a sudden with no announcement and then boarding gets delayed 1hr and 15 min for God knows why! And then the staff at the boarding gate were rude and mean to people that were worried about missing their connecting flights.
After that we get onto the aircraft – about time! I had no idea whether there will be a tv on the plane or not, so I downloaded a bunch of movies on my iPad, and thank God I did, because there is no tv or any form of entertainment. Sadly, the engine noise meant I couldn’t really enjoy the movie. The cabin staff, however, are fantastic. They are very friendly and cheerful and it turned my sleep deprived/frustrated mood into a more relaxed state of mind – but I was still sleep deprived.

I would recommend the airlines if you’re on a budget or if you can fall asleep on a plane or just don’t mind being stuck doing nothing for a couple of hours. It’s clean, the food is ok and staff are nice. You just need to be sure it won’t be delayed if you’re connecting.


Stay tuned!


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