Learn Serbian With Me!



So as I told you in my previous post I’m starting to get acquainted with the Serbian language. I feel great satisfaction when I see that I’m learning a new language. I know I’m not going to turn pro, but I’ve picked up a few words, I can count to five and I’ve become able to read a bit more like pronounce but that’s good for me. I found out a while back that the Serbian language has two alphabets – Cyrillic and Latin. Both alphabets represent the same language and are equally used in Serbia. I got a lot of joy out of people’s faces when I told them about the alphabet. It really is something to have two alphabets, isn’t it.  The Cyrillic is traditional while the Latin is more popular with the youngsters. Street signs, however, are said to be written with both alphabets. I found the Latin alphabet to be easier to read because it is so similar to English while the Cyrillic alphabet is something from another planet! 😕

I liked the video above because it’s a cute little kid teaching viewers how to pronounce the alphabet in a simple and straight to the point manner. It’s very helpful to hear someone pronounce the letters, particularly in Serbian, because some letters are misleading – you’d think a is a but it isn’t really, it’s a V. And then you have the triplet Č,Ć, and C and a bunch of letters that aren’t found in English like Đ and Ž. A lot of letters are misleading in the Latin alphabet and every time I read it I keep forgetting to flip from English mode to Serbian mode. All this is found in the video above. And I’m not a pedophile or anything, I just enjoyed the idea, plus I find kids adorable ❤

I found two great sources to get a head start on your Serbian, the first is a blog entitled Learn Serbian and the second is by My Languages. They’re both quite beneficial you can choose to study what you want like the alphabets then numbers and so on or you can follow up on the lessons they give. I chose to study on my own because I know I won’t follow through and keep up with the Youtube lessons.

If you have had an interesting experience with the Serbian language, or any other language, go ahead and share it, I’d love to know about it!


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