Prep Time!

I’ve been boasting about my upcoming trip and how I’m feeling about everything (check my feelings post here) but I haven’t really told you how I’m preparing for it. So first of all I haven’t packed a single thing. I’ve been advised a lot to pack ASAP so I don’t have to run around picking up things at the last minute. But I just have so many things to go through and tidy up before I can start packing that makes me want to put everything off till forever. I also need to start carefully selecting what to take and what not to but then I face the dilemma of prioritizing laundry, storage and shopping space – because if I take a lot of clothes, to avoid doing a lot of laundry,I will need a lot of closet space (I’m not sure it’s available) and I will have little room for packing what I end up buying. Talk about first world problems *sigh*

So, I haven’t been packing, but I have been RE-SEARCH-ING big time! Researching pretty much everything that is Serbia! I really benefited from a bunch of websites that helped me plan everything out. The first one is Belgradian. It has everything you need to know and suggests a lot of places to visit and even plans a 2-day trip to Belgrade for you. You can find a lot of what you’re looking for on this website. Another great website is Tourist Organization of Belgrade. It has a nicer interface, than Belgradian, and gives more details and in depth suggestions and categories. Besides, it also has a section for latest touristic news and I think its a government related organization. For Novi Sad, I found the WikiVoyage page to be the most beneficial and straight to the point – but you might need to Google a few things. You can also have a look at the National Tourism Organisation of Serbia for more info on Novi Sad and other areas. It’s a helpful website, but very brief. Last, but not least, is the Exit Fest website which is a must attend festival in Serbia.

Hand-in-hand with researching I have been planning. Planning has been made easy by my new best bud Google Maps – I’ve mapped every single place I want to visit on there and used it a zillion times to check out suggestions I received. If you’re into apps you might want to check out Planapple or Tripit. They both help you organize your trip – but I just couldn’t be bothered searching every single location again and adding it. Another of Google’s amazing products that is keeping me organized is Google Keep which I have on my Android, but is actually also accessible from your laptop! It helps me keep track of pretty much everything 🙂

Other than all this, I’ve also gotten so much help from people that went to Serbia before and had a lot of advice to share with me. And it’s just great. I’m getting even more excited day by day. Next on my list is learning Serbian (I KNOW RIGHT!) well I just want to learn a few things to get me going and I’m starting this goal right now!

So there’s exactly 14 days left – so much time to wait but so little time to prepare. Until next time, Zboghom 



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