Around the World (Cup) in Eight Photos

Such an interesting post. The pictures are lovely to see! I wish I had some pictures from Lebanon to share. The Serbs are not so enthusiastic about the world cup ūüė¶

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Whether your country is playing in Brazil this year or not, joining in the fun of this monthlong global festivity is hard to resist. Thanks to bloggers and photographers on the ground in Brazil and around the world, we all get to have the best views.

chile copacanabaCopacabana during the World Cup.

Just before their team dispatched the outgoing champion, Spain, these Chilean fans found time to hit the beach in Copacabana, where they were captured by Rio-based photoblogger Cristina.

rio-favelaWatching the game in Acari.

Across town, in a favela called Acari, Dutch student Steef Fleur watched the Brazil-Mexico match with some new friends. This photo is part of Steef’s ongoing project to document the World Cup across local communities in Brazil.

SF mexico gamePublic viewing in San Francisco’s Civic Center.

Fans on the other side of the equator watched the same game between the Mexican and Brazilian teams. Blogger Vonn Scott…

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Observations of a lost kid!

Hello peeps! Today is my fifth day here and it is almost coming to an end. I’ve done so much in the past few days and met a bunch of great people that I can’t believe it has just¬† been such a short time. The first day alone was super packed and was so long to the extent that things started getting blurry and mixing up with each other. On the first day alone I did so many things. Some of the places I managed to visit in the past couple of days are: the Kalemegdan fortress, which is one of the top things I spoke about in my previous post, the Zoo, Knez Mihailo Blvd (several times), Usce shopping center, Delta shopping center, Tashmegdan, the depot, and of course my work, among many other places.

One thing I was so happy about was seeing the view that I used as my header image. It’s just amazing to pass by and realize that this is it! And in person it is just something else.

Usce Shopping Center

Usce Shopping Center

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Air Serbia Review

Helloo guys! So as you know by now, I said my farewell to my lovely country, Lebanon, and landed in what seems to be a beautiful country – Serbia.

So I promised you before to let you know about my experience with Air Serbia. I really wasn’t expecting much because the fair was a bit cheap. Continue reading


Ready, Set, Take-Off!

imageThe milestone countdown on my profile has come to an end. This means the big day is here.. YIKES! It’s all starting, click here to read more


Learn Serbian With Me!



So as I told you in my previous¬†post¬†I’m starting to get acquainted with the Serbian language. I feel great satisfaction when I see that I’m learning a new language. I know I’m not going to turn pro, but I’ve picked up a few words, I can count to five and I’ve become able to read a bit more like¬†pronounce¬†but that’s good for me. I found out a while back that the Serbian language has two alphabets – Cyrillic and Latin. Continue reading

Prep Time!

I’ve been boasting about my upcoming trip and how I’m feeling about everything (check my feelings post here) but I haven’t really told you how I’m preparing for it. So first of all I haven’t packed a single thing.¬†I’ve been advised a lot to pack ASAP so I don’t have to run around picking up things at the last minute. But I just have so many things to go through and tidy up before I can start packing that makes me want to put everything off till¬†forever. I also need to start¬†carefully selecting what to take and what not to but then I face the dilemma of prioritizing laundry, storage and shopping space – because if I take a lot of clothes, to avoid doing a lot of laundry,I will need a lot of closet space (I’m not sure it’s available) and I will have little room for packing what I end up buying. Talk about first world problems *sigh*
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The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.  ~St. Augustine

As my blog count down states, ¬†I am officially 16 days(from when this got posted) away from boarding that plane headed for¬†my adventure! It’s hard to count down and realize there’s just so much time left for me to travel when my friends have already begun their own journeys, right? So, I’m investing my time into researching every single thing I want to do in Serbia, and particularly Belgrade!

I’m beginning to have cold feet and butterflies. I’ve also begun to doubt my decision and worry about silly things like what if a dorm-mate of mine turned out to be a serial killer? or what if I made the biggest mistake of my life. Maybe I sound crazy to some of you, but I guess it’s justified jitters. I can’t deny that I’m very excited to travel so I’m trying to block myself from over thinking the worries and the troubles that I’m going to face. Because I’m gonna have a¬†good ol’ time in the lovely Serbia! I can’t deny that I’m really excited about the shopping experience. In Belgrade there’s a famous flee market and a bunch of traditional shopping areas that I’m keen to try – apart from the global retailers we see in Lebanon.

For my lovely readers that don’t know, I’m going with IAESTE (International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience) to Belgrade, Serbia. It’s supposed to be a great cultural and personal experience. I’ve never been part of anything like this before and I’ve never been out of the country by myself, so these two months are going to be the time of my life. Besides, this will count as my internship and as a milestone in completing my engineering degree.

Thanks for hanging in there as I shared my feelings! If you have any interesting places for me to visit, or any activities I should do, while I’m on my trip, please share them in the comments below; and if you’re interested in finding out a few of the places I’m so excited to visit check out Must See Belgradian Landmarks¬†here!

Until next time … Zbogom!